Sarah Linhares is a Canadian Madeiran artist whose work explores the transformational power of consciousness, the sensuality of raw human emotion, and the connection between the divine and physical realms.

She creates a unique blend of celestial and luminous electronic sounds, rhythmic drums, with haunting ephemeral vocals, which are deep, emotional, and uplifting. Using the mediums of the written and spoken word, the ephemeral power of her voice, and the fluid movement of the body, Sarah transmutes pain into creation, while allowing it to illuminate the beauty nestled in the shadows.

Sarah has performed many shows all over Canada, Venezuela, and across Europe, including performing at Optimus Alive Festival, opening for Dead Combo at Fica Na Cidade Festival, and two appearances at Montreal’s prestigious International Jazz Festival. She has received several grants to support the creation and production of her work including being selected as a participant at the international Red Bull Music Academy. She has written, composed, and performed on over 17 albums including her own first solo album Messages From The Future, her French band Pacific Shores’ 5 albums, and is the featured voice on Portugal’s DJ Ride ‘ Here Before’ radio hit. 

She is currently preparing to launch her first solo produced album and book of poetry both entitled Subtropical.